Behind Erotic Doors Affiliate Program

What is the Behind Erotic Doors Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn money by promoting Behind Erotic Doors and referring new customers to us. You get an ongoing 25% commission of whatever products are purchased by your referred customer.

Who can participate in the program?

Anyone, as long as there is no abuse and/or fraud.  Our affiliate program is for individuals who are either bloggers, very active on social media or those that want to earn some extra cash every month.  You do not need to be a paying Behind Erotic Doors customer to be eligible for the affiliate program. All you need is a free trial account so that we can keep track of the affiliated users.

How to get paid?

You will receive your commission payout from us whenever your total affiliate account reaches $20. You do not need to request your payout; we will automatically send your commission based on your selected payment method.  The current payment options are PayPal, check and bank transfer.  Commissions are paid on the 15th of every month.  Our preferred method of paying out your commission is PayPal or Check.   Bank transfer commission payments will only be approved when your commission reaches $100.

How to become an affiliate?

We offer two different methods to become an affiliate user:

  • You promote Behind Erotic Doors to your audience with a personalized tracking link;
  • You tell us by email which accounts were referred by you and we will add your affiliate information to the accounts.

The first method is a great fit for individuals, bloggers and other content creators. Users signing up with one of your personalized tracking links will automatically be linked to your account and appear in the list of affiliated users.

The second method is a good fit if you are a very active affiliate and refer a large number of customers to the Behind Erotic Doors website. You can reach out to us by email and let us know which customers your referred and we will add your affiliate information to their account.

How to get started?

You do not need to have an account with Behind Erotic Doors to become an affiliate, but we recommend that you do and sign up for our newsletter, which will include additional product discounts.  If you already have an account with Behind Erotic Doors, just navigate to the Affiliate Program Dashboard located at the bottom of our website, click on the affiliate link where you will find further instructions, the terms of the affiliate program and some personalized tracking links for a few products.  Once you sign up, we will send you additional product links for you to share and earn more commission.  Creating an affiliate account is FREE.  Feel free to email us at info@behinderoticdoors.com with your questions.