About Us

Behind Erotic Doors is about helping you experience all there is to experience when it comes to romance.  Many people are still shy when it comes to self pleasure...don't be.  If you are feeling spicy and there is no one around to indulge you; get down with yourself.  There are many first time pleasure toys and lubes on our site.  Go ahead..Let's Play!

As a couple, the spice of life is romance.  It's time to make your relationship HOTTER!  Indulge in more romance, more intimacy, more often.  Browse our site and discover what turns you on. COUPLES THAT PLAY TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER!

Subscription Box Information

There are so many options when it comes to experiencing the pleasures of life and we want to make sure you get exactly what your body desires.  Don't feel overwhelmed, our experienced curators are here to help you select the right fantasy.  All subscription box services are billed monthly.  You will receive your discreet subscription box 5-7 days after your order is received.  We also offer a single box purchase that can be ordered anytime.

Our customers anticipate the arrival of each box because of the sexy tips that are included on the information cards.  Each card will list tips and tricks to enhance your mood.  Everything is included to ensure that you have an erotic experience.

Most products have been selected based on some of the recommendations our customers crave.  Whether you are deciding between couple play or a solo session, just reach out and let us know and we're happy to help you decide!

Have a box idea?  Send us an email and let's have some fun.  Cancel your subscription ANYTIME by emailing info@behinderoticdoors.com

savour! enjoy! repeat!